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Historical,cultural sites,Addis Abeba excursion tours.

Ethiopian historical Church of 14th century,Debra Libanos

Interesting historical and cultural sites to visit as an excursion tours-Best places to discover around Addis Abeba,Ethiopia

Debre Libanos

Debre Libanos is a religious Centre and monastery , Established by the 13th century Ethiopian saint ,Abuna Tekle Haimannot .The original monastic building have long since disappeared ,and been replaced by a succession of structures ,the latest of which is a spectacular modern church erected after world war II on Emperor Haile Selassie’s orders .there are mosaic figures on the Façade and well known Ethiopian artist ,Afewerk Tekle. Nearby are the huge monk’s kitchens, dating from the early 20th century, Although women are not allowed in the monastery, they can visit other areas of the compound .Behind the church is a cave containing holy water. Many noblemen and other used to go there on pilgrimage, and some important figures were buried within the monastic precincts.

Visit the house of the cross ,which is decorated internally with interesting paintings and said to house across that belonged to Tekle Haymano in the 13th century .A hundred mater away is a bridge reputedly built the portuguese from which there is a fine view of the country side far below.

Blue Nile Gorge

The 1500 mater –wide gorge is stunning and spectacular and visitor descend more than 1,000mater via a long and winding road to reach the river. At the bottom of the gorge, the reddish brown water is spanned by a modern bridge. Views from the top or bottom of the gorge are equally spectacular. A good point to take a break is in the shade of some trees just past the bridge, where a waterfall tumbles over a clef in the clif. Before the Italians built the bridge with their usual civil engineering flair, the Blue Nile river separated the historical provinces of shoa and Gojam . Although your eyes will undoubtedly be drown downward to the bridge and gorge don’t forget to look up Lammergeyer vultures regularly soar the gorges thermals    


Ankober was Menelik’s capital before he moved to Entoto (Addis Ababa) at the last quarter of the 19th century .From the escarpment of the village one can spot the Grate Rift valley and troops of Gelada baboons sporting on cliff edges.

Look out two interesting and unusual trees, the giant lobelia with its tall seed stem, and the beautiful kosso tress, whose rich cascades of red flower have been used in Ethiopia since time immemorial for the treatment of tapeworm.

Though much of old Ankober has disappeared , the palace ruins can still be seen, and the two old round churches of Maryam and Medhane Alem ,some of the finest examples of early 19th century Ethiopia architecture , remain well used places of worship . A guide will show the way to these landmarks.

Gefersa Reservoir

Gefersa resrvervir surround by eucalyptus plantation and grass land, 18 km west of Addis on the southern side of the road to Ambo and Nekemte . Access to the reservoir itself is not possible, but a good view can be obtained through the fenced at its grass western edge .Approaching from Addis on the Ambo road .drive past the reservoir entrance and about 2km further on, park next to the road at the far end of the reservoir walk down a short slope for about 300m .from here you can peer at the reservoir through the fenced and also bird watch in short grass land around a stream. The dam itself is good for Palearctic waterfowl. Such as Garganey, pintail, Tuffted duck, wattied Ibis, Abyssinian Long claw, Black headed siskin, Rouget’s rail

Wechacha and Menagesha

Menagesha forest also known as menagesha –suba forest allows access to a good diversity of forest species on an easy half –day trip from Addis Ababa nearly there of juniper tress lie amongst plantation on the eastern slopes of 3,385 m mountain wechecha ,an extinct volcano. The Emperor Zera Yacob (1434-1468), noticing the degradation of the forest around mount wechecha. Intiated what was the first reforestation and conservation measure in Africa by having juniper trees planted here .and Dry evergreen forest ,dominated by juniper trees ,altitude about 2,600m.

These mountain are accessible via a winding track. Indigenous juniper forest covers the lower slopes and thins out at the top. Black and white colobus monkeys, klipspringer, Menelik’s bush buck and the giant, almost century –old trees contribute to its natural beauty.

Wenchi Crater Lake

After Ambo, a further 32 km by gravel road leads to the Crater Lake, lying southwest between Ambo and Wolliso towns .The lake covers an area of 560 hectares. Its scenic beauty with islands and peninsulas and the alpine nature of the climate makes the trip worthwhile. There is a small monastery, St,Kirkos church ,on the island

Melka Konture

Here, in an archaeological site which lies on the bank of the Awash River, are found fossils dating back two million years, and stone tools dating from 1.5 million to 200,000 years. These finding are exhibited in the National Archaeological Museum of Addis Ababa, while in this area it is worth while visiting the nearby Adadi Maryam church, the southernmost stone church similar to those at Lalibala.

Adadi Mariam

The church lies below ground with steps descending the main entrance. There are a number of gates, windows and a trench around the church, which serves as a drainage. The church differs from those of Lalibela in two ways, it is round in shape and unfinished, and probably because the rock form which it is carved is too soft and porous.


This particular spot dates back to the 12th-15th century AD. The 36 stele, which were probably tombstone, are still standing and 31 of these have carved on them. The highest of them measures 3.7 meters. Tiya is listed as a World Heritage site.

Debre Zeit

This attractive town is surrounding by five crater lakes and beautified by bougainvillea and palm trees. The Lakes, with a radius of 5km, are Hora ,Bishoftu, Babogaya and kuriftu ,all harbor a variety of birds .Hora and Babogaya are ideal spoots for water sport and a number of hotels with excellent services await the visitor .For visitor who appreciate a spot of pampering , the international standard Kuriftu Resort & spa offers a great place to unwind on the shore of Lake Kuriftu . As well as being a Luxury Lodges it is also a Health and beauty spa, a sports resort ,an artistic centre and a haven of tranquility –just the place for an unspoiled retreat.




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