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Simien Mountains National park (SMNP)

The Simien Mountains National Park General panaromic view.

Simien Mountains National park (SMNP)

The establishment of the Simien Mountains National park in 1969. A UNESCO World Heritage site. The Simien Mountains National Park in Northern Ethiopia is an Exotic setting with unique wildlife and breath-taking views on a landscape shaped by nature and traditional agriculture. Gentle highland ridges at altitudes above 3600 meters above sea level (m asl),covered with grasses, isolated trees(Erica arborea)and the bizarre giant Lobelia(Lobelia rhynchopetaum) are found on high plateau that ends abruptly at 1000m-to-2000m deep escarpments. The margins of this high plateau consist of precipitous cliffs and deep. Canyon-style gorges. In some places. The main attraction of the Simien Mountains National Park is its biosphere.

The Simien’ landscape is incredibly dramatic. It was formed by countless eruptions, some 40 million years ago; layer up on layer of molten lava was poured until it reached a thickness of 3000m.The subsequent erosion produced the mountains’ jagged and spectacular landscapes see today.


The mountains are home to three Ethiopia’s larger endemic mammals: the walia ibex (number estimated at 515) the gelada baboon (estimated to number around 6000) and the elusive Ethiopia wolf (estimated between 45 and 70). Other mammals sometimes seen are rock hyraxes, jacklas, and bushbuck. Endemic birds include the often-seen white-collared, pigeon, black-headed siskin, and spot breasted plover. Though common one of the most memorable sights and sounds! Is the lammergeyer soaring low?


Trekking is the highlight of many people’s trips to Ethiopia. Treks from a few days up to two weeks are regularly completed in the striking 4000 m surrounding of simian Mountains National park while treks through the rich wildlife of simien Mountains National park.


The following is a classic route; the lower camps can be bypassed using a vehicle. Times vary from person to person, and depend on whether exact routes are followed.

SANKABER TO GEECH: The scenic route along the escarpment isn’t to be missed .After one and half hours, a cross the jinbar River. After crossing the river, a ascend for about 2 hours to Geech. The scenery is wonderful. Look out for Gelada baboons.

GEECH CAMP TO CHENEK VIA IMET GOGO: Geech to chenek takes about four to five hours, but you’d be crazy not to take in imet Gogo, around 5 km northeast of Geech. It takes 1 hour one way. The promontory, at 3926 m. affords some of the most spectacular views of the Simien Mountains. Trek to Chenek via imet Gogo using saha as a starting point (seven to eight hours),saha lies around 2 km from Geech. From Imet Gogo two choices the first is to return to Geech by your out ward route, then head directly south, back across the jinbar River to where you’ll eventually meet the road that leads to chennek .The alternative, which is header but more scenic, is to follow the escarpment edge south all the way to chenek .Chenek is probably the best spot in the Simien Mountains for wildlife.

CHENEK TO MT BWAHIT: The summit of Mt Bwahit( 4430 m) lies to southeast of the camp. From the top you can see a tiny piece of Ras Dashen. Around 20 minutes from camp towards Mt Bwahit, there’s a spot that affords one of the best opportunities for glimpsing at long range. The walia ibex. This animal, a member of the wild goat family, lives on the crags of steep escarpment above 3000 m.

CHENEK TO AMBIKWA (4,430 masI): a track leads eastward then Southeastward up towards a good viewpoint on the eastern escarpment, to the north of Mt Bwahit. To the east, across the vast valley of the Mesheba River.

AMBIKWA TO RAS DASHEN (4543 meters above sea level): summit of Ras Dashen, Africa’s fourth highest peak. From here, a steep climb brings you to an impressive amphitheater made up of three major buttresses of expanded rock. It is then an easy scramble to the summit.


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